Sublime Minimalist Landscapes Bring Out the Tranquility and Serenity of the Sea


Adriana Echavarria-Eisenhower’s sublime seascapes carry an element of elegance and refinement, dramatic in their serenity as well as tranquility. Her background as a dancer comes as no surprise, as the images evoke the same fluidity you would expect from a disciplined performer. Focusing her talents behind the camera as a portrait and landscape photographer, her style is very clear and defined as it tries to bring out the tranquility and serenity of the sea in every picture.

Adriana Echavarria-Eisenhower landscape minimal

Echavarria-Eisenhower is at the moment involved with the development of two books.  In one of them she is assembling photographs of writers, politicians and fellow artists that she had gotten acquainted with throughout the years.  The other book will be more focused as it features a 10 year love affair photographing the ocean.

minimal landscape Adriana Echavarria-Eisenhower

Echavarria-Eisenhower has long felt a certain connection with the sea. The Colombian-born, New York-based photographer seems to fit naturally into this subject and theme as she is into “capturing the elusive souls of people places things and moments,” as stated in her website. Her pensive oceanscapes are a work in progress that she has been shooting off Montauk, Long Island for the last decade. Echavarria-Eisenhower typically shoots during daybreak and late afternoons. She visits the sea as often as possible by its “ever-changing light, its motion, its horizon, its mystery and grandeur—its sublimity.”

minimalist landscape Adriana Echavarria-Eisenhower

Echavarria-Eisenhower will be part of the group exhibition Trees in Focus, presented by the Anne Fontaine Foundation. It is the second year that she will be participating in the exhibition, which showcases 35 accomplished photographers.  Trees in Focus aims to increase the public consciousness in addition to raising financial resources devoted to the reforestation of denuded and endangered forests, particularly the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

Adriana Echavarria-Eisenhower minimalist landscape

The exhibition will commence on March 28th, 2014 at Sotheby’s in Paris and those who wish to view Echavarria-Eisenhower’s work along with the 34 other well-known photographers can attend the event.

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