Superb Photo Series ‘Dropping’ Shows Colored Inks Mixing with Oil

red ink and oil

The creations of Italian photographer Alberto Seveso have been the subject of many features on the internet already. Much to our delight, Seveso is back with a superb series simply entitled Dropping. While his previous series showed his experimentation with ink and water, this time around he chose to play with oil.

ink and oil mixture

Seveso employed his mastery of high-speed photography yet again to capture these photos in stunning detail. For this series he attained these exacting shots by dropping mixtures of colored ink into a container of oil. The final trick he does is turn the final images upside down, revealing mesmerizing shapes, both soft but also full of vitality.

mixing ink and oil

Dropping is the natural evolving of my previous projects using ink and water,” says Seveso on his website.  “This time I tried something different using the oil instead the water and the outcome was amazing! The title is very important to me, because it is a tribute to the master of the dripping technique, Jackson Pollock. I always was a big fan of the chaos theory.”

mixture of ink and oil

Seveso was born in Milan on May 30 1976. His passion for art world came at the onset of the 1990s, as he relates his creative evolution and journey.

dropping photo series

“The passion for graphic arts started in these years because I was really fascinated from the graphic of skate decks and the cover of music CD of metal bands. From this passion I started to think about how reproduce this kind of artwork. I ever had a computer in my home, from the times of the Commodore Vic20, and I kept thinking that my computer could be useful in this way. I mean that I can use the computer to make art and not only to play!”

red ink and oil

Seveso currently works freelance in his hometown, Portoscuso, Sardinia-Italy for various agencies. He is represented in Europe by Central Illustration agency and in the U.S. by Bernstein & Andriulli.

ink and oil cyan blue

See more of his new series Dropping here.

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