Surreal Half-Human, Half-Animal Portraits in Photo Series ‘Therianthropes’

half deer

We have always been obsessed with finding ways to humanize animals. Evidence of this is replete in folklore, mythology, superstitious beliefs, and other stories that have been passed on for centuries. This particular photo series brings such ideas to life. Therianthropes is a project by Ulric Collette which is made up of images that are part human and part animal.

half bird

To establish a human peg, Collette quite cleverly chose human bodies matched with an animal’s head.  The images look like creatures or characters lifted right out of a Greek mythology epic, or some other fantasy driven tale where animals and humans once existed as hybrids beings.

half dog

Therianthropes is a dramatic and stunning body of work. The bizarre series at present includes seven images of composite human body and animal heads, from grizzly bears, a deer, eagles to dogs. Therianthropes is flawless in its photo editing and skillful photography. Each image featured in the series depicts a human posing to approximate a personality to go with the animal skull. The hawk headed female is of particular interest with the nonchalant pose struck by the girl model, as if mimicking the bird’s personality.

half human half animal

Born in 1979, Ulric Collette is a self-taught photographer, driven mainly by his passion for the craft. Collette studied art and graphic design in Quebec City in the late 1990s. He presently works as art director for Collette, a communications studio found in the Quebec region.  Ulric’s work has been featured in various websites, magazines and books all over the globe. Most recently, his work on the genetic portraits series wherein he explored the genetic likeness or dissimilarities between family members, was singled out in the esteemed advertising awards show, the Cannes Lion.

half bear

half bear

Visit his series, Therianthropes over here.

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