Surreal Images Combine the Unknown with Otherworldly Landscapes and Cityscapes

hossein zare

Iranian photographer Hossein Zare is able to replicate in pictures images that we can only see in our mind’s eye or dreams. Zare manufactures otherworldly landscapes and urbanscapes injected with an aura of the unknown. He is able to touch on a need that seems inherent in all of us–a desire to know more about what lies beyond reality.

hossein zare surreal

Looking at just a few images from his body of work, there is an unambiguous alluding to the mystical, present in most of them. It is even more surprising when you find out that Zare is a self-taught photographer. He belongs to that new school of lens men, the “new photography” movement that blends as much in-camera work with post processing digital manipulation.

surreal hossein zare

It is usually difficult to peg any meaning onto an artist’s work and trying to get into their minds.  Guessing the creative process and to imagine how they think, feel, and what inspires them is even more difficult. In Zare’s case, it is not hard to surmise that he is expressing a sense and craving for more of what is divine.

hossein zare photo surreal

Take these images for instance; a solitary man on a long winding road, huge but empty landscapes, and ladders that reach into the clouds, but to where? They are images that seem to suggest that there is so much we do not know.

surreal photography hossein zare

Zare’s gear is a Nikon D7000 equipped with 8-105mm f/3.5-5.6G and 50mm f/1.4G lenses and his post digital manipulation software is Photoshop.  One can also easily see that every composition shows an unbelievable attention to detail.

hossein zare surreal photography

He learned the basics of photography at home and yet, his work has been described as “stunning” as well as “amazing” and in the genre and style of surrealism, he definitely exhibits lots of talent as you will see here.

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