Surreal Images of Plumes of Smoke Set Against Contrasting Backgrounds


Consumed with a fervor for all things organic to the natural world, Bohman and Sjöstrand photography recently shot some surreal images of smoke dramatically set against black backgrounds when the smoke was light or white backgrounds when the smoke was dark. Emerging from a source not shown in the pictures, the mysterious smoke just appears out of nowhere forming misty, ghostly shapes that are hypnotic to look at even if they are frozen in each photograph.

smoke plumes

To be able to capture the momentary passing clouds of smoke at just the exact and precise moment, the artists literally must shoot very many, sometimes hundreds of photographs during the course of a typical photo shoot. Situated inside a meticulously and carefully controlled studio environment, the tandem produces smoke using lighted cigars and by also infusing chemical smoke.The shapes of the whiffs of smoke are controlled by the rate at which air is pumped into special glass tubes.

smoke photo

The duo sheds light on the process, saying that the hues and colors of the smoke are for the most part determined by its temperature. For instance smoke, from a hotter object, is laced with hues of blue, while a cooler or less warm item will create a white to yellowish color of smoke.

Bohman Sjostrand smoke

According to Bohman and Sjöstrand, “the shapes and textures that can be found [in nature] are still among the most beautiful imaginable.” Based on the pictures, the smoke plumes are absolutely beautiful and could not have possibly been created by an artist or sophisticated machine. Only the magical confluence of natural elements interacting with each other could produce such mystical shapes.

 smoke Bohman Sjostrand

The duo of Bohman and Sjöstrand is a professional commercial photographer-tandem that has been collaborating together for nearly 10 years now. Since 2005 they have been basically doing still life as well as food photography.

See their collective work over on their website.

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Patricia Ramos

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