Surreal Landscapes that are Beautifully Shot in Black and White

andy lee

A collection of the monochrome images of British photographer Andy Lee, who works out of Pembroke all depict dramatic and surreal landscapes that are beautifully shot in black and white. Lee skillfully makes use of contrasts, from stark whites and the blackest black, along with countless hues of gray in between for his work.

andy lee photo

The majority of the images are of the eye-popping landscapes of unique Iceland.  Lee is embodied with a generous spirit for adventure and he brings this enthusiasm with him as he travels and journeys to photograph nature. One will see cloud covered mountain ranges, long empty roads, desolate rock formations, as well as snow-capped plains that go endlessly as they meet the horizon. All shown in black and white, this chosen medium only accentuates the awesome sense of experiencing such monumental areas of wild outdoor scenery.

landscape andy lee

Lee’s magnificent work is consistently intense, contrasting black and white imagery. Lee will often shoot a vast panorama with a solitary subject in the distance. He also has a penchant for depicting deserted winding roads that disappear into the horizon or into the dense fog.

andy lee landscape

No doubt, there is a melancholic tone that pervades the many images Lee presents, but they are all imbued with a beautiful aura. Lee’s collection can also be described as atmospheric as he has created each and every image with an enigmatic quality.

andy lee landscape photo

He describes himself as a “Film maker by profession, photographer by passion. I have been taking pictures for almost 30 years yet until recently never thought of sharing. Since sharing however it has re ignited a passion and drive that has become an obsession.”

andy lee landscape photography black and white

andy lee landscape photography

andy lee landscape photographer

See his impressive use of black and white for stunning landscape images here.

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