Surreal Photography Explores the Complex and Mystical Aspects of the Human Psyche in Photo Series ‘Dreamalities’

julie waroquier

Dreams represent the most substantial evidence of our subconscious, and yet they usually hardly make any sense.  They are comprised of visions, thoughts, sensations as well as emotions we go through while asleep, but typically are disjointed and fragmented ‘experiences’. Most of the time, we try to unravel what they mean using logic and try to connect them to reality. To recreate these dream ‘experiences’ is quite a difficult feat, but digital technology comes pretty close. French photographer Julie Waroquier does a splendid job with replicating visuals that are quasi-dreamlike, in her collection (now a book) called Dreamalities.

julie waroquier series

The self-taught Waroquier recently said of the series, “With my pictures, I try to show the limits of the post-modern pessimism, reminding us the value and the depth of the human being. That is why, through symbolism, I explore the invisible world which resides inside human minds and hearts. Fears, desires, and passions.”

julie waroquier series dreamalities

The collection is so good that award-winning French cinematographer and director Damien Steck approached Waroquier to make a short documentary based on her book. The short piece is called ‘Revalities’ and has been receiving international acclaim.

julie waroquier dreamalities series

Waroquier’s work is representative of the many complex, indescribable and mystical aspects of the human psyche. Her images are flawless imitations of what goes on in the human mind while immersed in dream, REM states. Apparently her background as a philosophy teacher also served her well for the Dreamalities series, as every surreal image is bizarrely faithful to dream images.

dreamalities julie waroquier series

Waroquier began her photography career in 2008 and since 2010 has earned both national and international awards, among them the International Emerging Artist Award.  Her work has been exhibited all over the world. See her collective works over on her website.

photo series dreamalities julie waroquier

dreamalities julie waroquier photo series

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