Surreal Portrait of Make-Believe Scenes Inspired by Children’s Tales, Mythology and Dreams

sarah ann loreth surreal

Through the images conjured by these two artists, you will convincingly be brought into the tantalizing worlds of folklore, myths and legends. Photographers Sarah Ann Loreth and Omalix Martinez recreate with stunning reality the make-believe scenes of children’s tales, mythology, fantasies and dreams to manufacture their version of these otherworldly scenarios. You will be easily taken and swept away by their work.

sarah loreth omalix martinez

Omalix Martinez is a Fine Arts student who was born in Valencia, Venezuela, now working out of Orlando, Florida. Martinez is a self-taught photographer and has this to share in his 500px site.

“Through photography, I discovered the art of storytelling. Ever since my discovery, I became fascinated by the idea of using imagery to whisper all the little stories I have to tell. I focus on the use of light, value, and hue in order to create atmospheres that easily narrate the stories. I like the idea that although some of these stories are personal and very deep-rooted within myself, they are still stories that someone else could easily relate to.”

sarah loreth omalix martinez surreal

Sarah Ann Loreth on the other hand claims she does not create pictures, but instead makes them “from scenes she pulls from deep within herself.”  Loreth is also a fine art photographer based in New Hampshire, and her main focus is self-portraiture as well as conceptual portraiture. In her work, she aims to create a reality conjured by her imagination “but with an emotion that is undeniably human.”  Loreth likes to explore things that straddle light and darkness, and does not hesitate to delve into themes that others may find unsettling.

surreal sarah loreth omalix martinez

sarah loreth omalix martinez creative

portrait sarah loreth omalix martinez

Both their works evoke images of stories that happen deep in the fabled woods where some of the most timeless tales of fantasy have been set and told.

See the fantastical works of Loreth and Martinez for yourself.

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