Surreal Portrait Photography Set Against Iceland’s Stunning Landscapes

siren songs

Sam Breach no doubt loves creating beautiful imagery. She says, “With the help of light, a camera and my computer I revel in sharing something of my imagination with a wider audience. To help other people visually create the story of what they are, what they dream of being or what they are passionate about is the kind of challenge that renders me giddy with enthusiasm.”

siren songs photo series

Breach recently created a dreamlike collection called Siren Songs, an idea and concept that came to her during a photo workshop in Iceland. It was during an interview when the idea popped into her head, as she was mesmerized with the otherworldly beauty of Icelandic landscapes.

sam breach

In a recent Q&A she said, “I spent a lot of time wrapped up in my thoughts about the landscape and how it was speaking to me.” Breach was ever so masterfully able to convert those creative thoughts into hypnotic, surreal imagery. Siren Songs is a hauntingly beautiful collection, but was not without its challenges as it was being shot.

sam breach siren songs

One issue was the weather, being randomly unpredictable as it changed in a matter of minutes. “One moment it would be blue skies, the next minute grey, and then we’d have rain, or a full on snow blizzard. It was totally mad. The models were absolutely fantastic, hardy, good humored and resilient, but the conditions meant that there was a limit to how long they could pose for in each location.”

siren songs photo series iceland

Another issue was that there were sixteen photographers and because of the quirky weather, one on one sessions with the models would be a rarity. “We mostly had to shoot whenever and wherever we could, often paparazzi style,” said Breach.

In the photos that comprise Siren Songs, Icelandic landscapes are the backdrop as Breach composes mythical and enigmatic beings shrouded in a strange beauty. Breach has worked in George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic, in projects such as Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and other hit films.

Siren Songs is her first solo project in what so far is an impressive career in artistic photography.

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