Surreal Portrait Series of Women in a Whimsical World

portrait megan christine photo series

Megan Christine, who also goes by the moniker Earthreader, is another talented artist to emerge from the burgeoning surrealist scene that is pervading the current crop of the digital era photographers. Christine is a young American photographer who has the uncommon talent to tell little tales through her images. She takes self-portraits as well as pictures of other women and men, posing these various subjects in different scenarios.

Christine’s surreal style is unique in the way she creates an atmosphere of the unreal, injected into simple everyday mundane situations. Go through her images and you will be absorbed into a bizarre world of whimsical photographs.

megan christine

To describe one of her photographs, a young woman sits in a grass field in the yoga lotus pose, as hues of bluish smoke emanate from her head. She is dressed in what looks like a shimmering bluish/violet tube as she gazes into the camera.

portrait megan christine

In another image a young girl can be seen also in a seated position but floating weightless in a pine wood paneled room.  She is alone with many books, immersed in the various readings that are available to her in this place of solitude.

portrait megan christine photo series christmas lights

In yet another more ethereal looking shot, a girl is lying down on what looks like a bed made-up of cotton-like material as she grapples playfully with some Christmas lights, doing all these as she gazes into a star filled sky.  The silhouette of a bird can be seen hovering over her as she is bathed in this constellation of light.

megan christine portrait

No doubt, this is fine conceptual photography that is usually best told through the eyes of the young. Christine who hails from Seattle, is also self-taught, which perhaps adds to her penchant and talent to depict the unreal and imaginary.

photo series portrait megan christine

See her remarkable work and inclination towards the surreal here.

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