Surreal Project 365 Portraiture Series by Young Photographer

alex stoddard

Unless you are from another planet, you must have gotten wind of the fact that the concept of ‘365 day projects’ is all the rage when it comes to contemporary photographers.  What that means is a photographer takes a photo, any photo, of something that has to do with a theme, or if not, with their particular lives every day for a year. ‘365 day projects,’ however do not always cross the finish line, and understandably so.  One lensman, however to conclude such an ambitious year-long commitment is a youthful chap named Alex Stoddard.

project 365 alex stoddard

Perhaps the fact that he was just a mere 17 years of age then, more than anything, accounts for the fact that he finished the project. In fact remarkably, Stoddard’s youth does not in any way seem to match with the level of his remarkable body of work. Now 19 years old, he has some incredible photographs under his belt for a shutterbug of any age, let alone someone who cannot hang out in a bar legally yet. Stoddard discovered photography at the beginning of 2010, and if you do the math means he has been at it for a scant 3 years.

alex stoddard project 365

Don’t presume that this youngster would be shallow on concepts; in fact his work which is essentially surreal in nature reveals the ideas of much more mature person. He recently discussed how he turns a concept into a photographic reality.

portrait project 365 alex stoddard

“I don’t think my process is terribly different than the standard. Sometimes I will think of a concept or idea for a photo and develop it until I am ready to shoot it, but more often than not, I end up winging it. Often I will gather up a variety of props and outfits and head out to a location, hoping to become inspired on the spot. That’s a completely hit-and-miss method. Presently, I spend more time in the planning stages, but I can remember during my 365, walking around in the woods for hours on end, in active pursuit of inspiration. In post processing, I usually have an idea of how I’d like my image to look in the end, and thus I’ll go about using different tools to achieve that. None of my images are processed in the same way. Processing is based entirely upon the unique photograph.”

alex stoddard portrait series surreal

alex stoddard portrait series

alex stoddard portrait

Go over and see Stoddard’s flickr account here, and see for yourself why this fellow is generating so much attention.

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