Swirls of Colored Liquids Submerged in Water Create Mesmerizing View

mark mawson

Stare into an aquarium and soon you will be overcome with a sense of tranquility. There is something about the buoyancy and weightlessness experienced in H20 that is most calming. Water covers about 71% of the Earth’s surface, and it is also water that nurtured us in our mother’s wombs for 9 months. It is also a vital element that we cannot live. Humans can last up to twelve days without food, but will expire in just 3 to 5 days without water. Water is also a great element for recreation, as we play in it and use it when we bathe. In a way, we are all creatures of water. It therefore comes as no surprise that Mark Mawson chose water to experiment with his liquid colors to come up with a mesmerizing series of multihued images.

mark mawson photo series

Mawson created an amazing photo series called Aqueous Rainbow Skies where swirls of colored liquids are shown as they are let loose submerged in H20. The use of multi-colored, bright vibrant hues produces a mesmerizing view of how the colors behave below the surface.

photo series mark mawson

The colors are yellow, red, orange, green and blue as well as other shades that seem to resemble atomic explosions but in cartoon-like hues. Since the different liquid samples are colored, we are able to see how each one blends into the submerged atmosphere, creating large cloud-like shapes. Some of the patterns look like huge detonations done in our natural atmosphere, while some even resemble intestine-like shapes.

aqueous rainbow skies mark mawson

Mark Mawson has always had a keen interest in water. In his more than two decades of experience, he has photographed numerous subjects as well as various still life underwater. Aqueous Rainbow Skies, is actually on its 5th installment in an ongoing series that began in 2005.

mark mawson aqueous rainbow skies

The original inspiration was milk that was poured into many cups of coffee That Mawson drank every day. Seeing the mist-like behavior as it fused in the coffee made Mawson come-up with ideas of playing with color in liquid environments. With this 5th installment Mawson has demonstrated again the mesmerizing effect created by vibrantly colored liquid when dropped into water.

mark mawson photo series aqueous rainbow skies

colored liquids mark mawson

mark mawson colored liquids

See the magical swirls of hypnotic color created by Mawson here.

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