Talented Father-Daughter Duo Shoot Creative Portraits Together

young girl with katana

Not too long ago, photographer Nagano Toyokazu’s series called Kiss Me Please Project charmed many of us with a little girl kissing her way through just about anything. The simple but utterly disarming shots taken by the Japanese photographer got the photography community gushing over the extremely adorable Kanna. She is the daughter of Toyokazu who was the star of the Kiss Me Please Project. The series was a persuasive proposition that a kiss can solve many of today’s troubles.

young girl fishing

For those who simply can’t seem to get enough of this cute and captivating girl, good news. Here are even more shots that arejust utterly beguiling. This time, Toyokazu places his daughter in a variety of situations in an ongoing series of portraits aptly called My Daughter Kanna.

young girl talking to panda

Each photograph in this collection shows Kanna in a variety of poses and situations. She can be seen standing in the middle of an empty road, dong all sorts of things. Armed with a variety of props and sometimes a cute costume, Kanna supplies the rest with her boisterous personality that jumps out of each photograph.

daughter conducting orchestra

She can be seen working a bullhorn as if in protest, astonished at a family of yellow ducks, and even wielding a toy samurai sword. The portraits display the young girl’s imagination and playful nature as well as a decidedly flamboyant personality. The young Kanna certainly does not lack much when it comes to the theatrical, not to mention hamming it up for the camera.

daughter wearing boxing gloves

As for Toyokazu, he may be a natural when it comes to photography, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have a cute young daughter who is incredibly photogenic and comfortable in front of a camera. Kanna is only 4 years old and is Toyokazu’s second daughter.

daughter holding sign

The proud, doting father in jest calls his camera-friendly child “a large actress who demands a very big performance fee.” Obviously, Toyokazu enjoys snapping these photographs as much as Kanna enjoys posing for them and they make a perfect father and daughter team.  It’s great chemistry that we hope they continue to share with us, as they do here.

daughter licking ice cream cone

Visit Toyokazu’s flickr page over here to see more of his work.

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