Technicolored Sheep Star in Photo Series Shot on Australian Farmlands

sheep dream series

Gray Malin‘s Dream Series collection brings one on a surreal journey through a brightly colored dream world composed of technicolored sheep. Malin’s new series strives to emphasize individuality amongst a figurative herd. To shoot this series, Malin traveled to rural Australia where he worked with a family of third-generation sheep farmers. The colors you see were not digitally infused, but rather were organically applied.

dream series sheep

The sheep farmers professionally misted each sheep using a safe vegetable base, rinseable dye to give each a bright color. Digging into his out-of-the-box of creativity, the fanciful concept comes from a story Malin once read; having to do with a Scottish sheep farmer who colored the fleece of his flock to ward off thieves.”Clicking through the surreal images of bright red sheep grazing in green pastures ignited a vision that lingered in my mind for seven years,” says Malin.

dream series sheep photo series

“Through the transformation of these otherwise white creatures into a rainbow of color, I hope to spark an idea; that we are all individuals, and should not be afraid to bare out true colors, dare to dream and shine for all to see,” he further explained.

photo series dream series sheep

The Los Angeles-based photographer’s efforts resulted in a vividly surreal herd of multicolored sheep grazing on Australian farmlands. But this whole exercise is not just a creative photographer’s whim. It is in fact hoped that this Dream Series will help to raise awareness and money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation in LA.

gray malin photo series dream series sheep

A percentage of the proceeds from the series will benefit the Foundation. In their mission statement the foundation aims to “grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. The non-profit is dedicated to making every eligible child’s wish come true. Gray Malin will be donating 20% of all sales from the Dream Series to the Make-a-Wish Greater Los Angeles to help foster the wishes of children who dream their ultimate dreams, helping to make them a reality.”

photo series dream series sheep gray malin

gray malin sheep

sheep gray malin

See Malin’s work along with his other cause oriented endeavors over at his website.

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