The Beauty and Magic of Milk Captured Through High-Speed Photography

pouring cup of milk

Photographer Egor N recently came up with a series of high speed shots called Coffee time. The collection is a captivating look at milk as it splashes naturally and unnaturally while being poured from or into a coffee cup. Egor N is no doubt a gifted professional photographer. He hails from Donetsk, Ukraine.

milk spilling

In a recent interview with 500px, he spoke of his background in the craft.

Egor began his love affair with photography using his father’s Zenit 12SD. His initial foray into taking photos was quite an unusual one. Egor mistakenly used an exposed roll of film. This produced odd overlaid images, but the error did not deter his enthusiasm. Egor continued to use the Zenit 12SD, after which he had a garden variety point and shoot film camera. It was from this model that he transitioned to a digital model, and finally, a DSLR.

milk pouring

He was drawn to photography by a desire to capture the beautiful.At first Egor envisioned himself as an artist expressing himself through sketching. Lacking the talent to pursue this, he saw photography as the alternative creative outlet.

cup of milk spilling

He spoke of his early inspirations,

“Initially it was the desire to photograph beautiful images. I didn’t even think that this might result in anything.  At that time I was not considering any creative growth. Later I realized that a digital camera and photoshop is the cure-all for those who want to want to create, but don’t know how to draw or paint. Many others had the same epiphany as I did and all of a sudden this style became “cool”, everyone was doing it. I still want to learn how to draw and then abandon photography, but I don’t have the time or the motivation….”

cup of milk

Egor does not take pictures very often. His ideas usually do not materialize into actual projects, but when they do, they are quite amazing, such as Coffee Time. Anyone who would want to follow this brilliant and rising talent can follow his future uploads via his 500px page. You can also view the rest of his portfolio and communicate directly with him from there.

milk spilling out of cup

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