The Beauty of Centrifugal Force on Paint-Covered Toys Captured Using High Speed Photography

paint on tool

What do you get when you plunk chunks of colorful paint on toys and dial in generous amounts of centrifugal force? Peter Schafrick art. Schafrick is an advertising photographer that focuses mainly on still life, and quite recently digital cinema. He also has a particular interest towards liquids. Such is the case with Schafrick’s high speed images shots of paint-soaked Barbie dolls, dog chewable toys, tennis balls, and a few tools. To come up with this series, he created a special device called the Spinster.

spinster behind the scenes setup

The gadget allows him to quickly initiate each paint drenched and dripping object into a spin, which he carefully shoots for these dramatic images. The ten beautiful photos by the Toronto-based Schafrick transforms centrifugal force into art. He is able to capture the colorful mess of paint-soaked toys, subjected to a sudden violent twist, creating magnificent shots of liquid frozen in motion.

paint on doll head

doll covered in paint

“It’s not unusual to find me ankle deep in concoctions of paint, milk, oil, or liquor. One of the strangest was a mixture of strawberry jam, jogourt and white paint (it was surprisingly delicious),” says Schafrick of his unusual enthusiasm for liquid medium.

paint on toy ball

He continues, in his own words, to explain his passion for liquid subjects.

“I’m a product specialist who also shoots liquids splashed, poured, thrown, and tossed. My interest in capturing fluids in motion arose out of still life work intent on revealing the hidden vitality of objects at rest. My portfolio is known most for the dynamic liquid work, yet i continue to shoot product stills with a clean, elegant, modern sensibility I have become known for.”

pliers covered in paint

Schafrick also explains how his recent foray into digital cinema compliments his passion for fluid matter. “In conjuction with Toronto’s Sugino studio, I’ve now added digital cinema to my repertoire. Splashes and pours are shot in ultra slow motion using sophisticated high-speed phantom cameras. Capturing the beauty of moving liquids, my film work completes a full product offering for all mediums – from print, to television, to moving billboards, and the web.”

ball covered in paint

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