The Beauty of European Architecture in One Stunning Time-Lapse

Luke Shepard set out to create an epic journey, traversing 36 cities and 21 countries with the goal of capturing beautiful and historic European structures and monuments. The 23-year-old director/videographer came-up with an incredible time-lapse that took him and his friend on a marathon 3 month trip using a 90 day Eurail Pass. What was a successful Kickstarter campaign, which drew nearly $20,000, led to this striking video.

big ben london european architecture

It brings to us many of the beautiful architectural marvels of Europe, as well as the rare excitement that comes with nightfall in these scenic locations. Shepard also went to great lengths to achieve incredible angles in the video. This was achieved by painstakingly piecing together countless photographs to get the look in the short piece. As they finished the long trek, Shepard had shot in excess of 20,000 photographs and was able to produce 47 image sequences of the trip, with 27 of those being part of his amazing time-lapse masterpiece called Nightvision. The movie was shot on a Canon 5D Mark III.

european architecture trevi fountain rome

Shepard explains his reasons for choosing to shoot at night,

“I have made the decision to shoot the entire project after dark as the sequences at night posses aesthetic qualities that present the architecture from a more surreal and unfamiliar perspective. In addition, greater contrast exists between the sky and the structure, allowing the viewer to focus on the brilliance of the architecture more so than the passage of time. The absence of people around the structures late in the night provide the surreal atmosphere that allows the viewer to feel as though they have these well-known landmarks all to themselves.”

time-lapse european architecture london bridge

Among the famous landmarks appearing in the video are the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany, the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France, the Atomium, Brussels, Belgium, the Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy, and the Berliner Dom, Berlin, Germany, just to name a few of the 28 landmark structures that appear.

european architecture time-lapse

The ambitious project would not have materialized without the support of those on Kickstarter, whose collective contributions amounted to over $19,000. A grateful Shepard wrote to his supporters, “After several months of hard work the project is complete. We came out of this journey with just over 8 minutes of successful footage. Mind boggling, I know! Keep in mind, the footage is composed completely of photographs (25 photos/second). Now, after a month of planning, a month of raising funds, a few months of shooting, and a couple months of editing, I have a final product that is approximately 4 minutes in length! I am quite pleased with the outcome and forever grateful for this opportunity which you have given me. I could never thank you enough.”

time-lapse european architecture

See his other work over on his website.

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