The Best Ways to Blend In with Your Surroundings

photo of man blending in with background

Have you ever worn something that was a little too similar to the tablecloth for comfort? Ever show up at some party only to find a couple of other girls wearing the same dress as you did? Do your socks match the throw rug? I’ve blended in too well on one too many occasions, but in this case, it makes for an intriguing set of images.

Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi is taking those occurrences a step further by purposely matching his subject’s clothes with a certain background so that they would appear as though they are ‘blending together’. The result is a modern twist on camouflaging and fading into the background. Except for that pop of color from the hair, which I thought was a nice little detail, the subjects in the photo do a good job at disappearing.

Transform contains three interesting photographs of Bakonyi’s subjects wherein they appear as though they are part of the background. The whole scene was the main focus, not just the person standing there. Adding movement to the hair was a cool detail to put in to show emphasis on the person.

photo of woman blending in with background

Coming across people wearing the exact combinations of colors as their background does not happen very often in real life, which is why it makes for such an interesting concept. The bright colors are already attractive on their own, so regardless if it has been enhanced in Photoshop or not, overall I think it’s still a cool photo project that was executed well.

photo of man blending in with background

Chinese photographer Liu Bolin did a similar series that also dealt with backgrounds and blending into them. He himself blended into his backgrounds, except it took him hours to do it. That’s because he was not just matching outfits; he was drawing the scene itself onto his body. It takes a lot of patience to mimic the background and painting it on your body, but he succeeded. It puts a whole new meaning to “hiding in plain sight”.


TIME writes about his work:

“Each image requires meticulous planning and execution: as both artist and performer, Bolin directs the photographer on how to compose each scene before entering the frame.”

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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