The Brinno TLC200 Pro is the First HDR Time-Lapse Video Camera

brinno hdr camera

Time lapse videos are enduring and have extremely popular appeal which photographers have always indulged with the public. They are exceptionally entertaining and are often fascinating pieces of work. As we all know, these projects encapsulate much longer periods of time into compressed videos. Doing this is a tedious process of setting intervalometers or fussing with rail systems. Now if you happen to be a “point and shoot” kind of guy who would rather have gadget do the work, well there’s a device for you. Brinno’s new TLC200 Pro is the world’s first HDR time lapse video camera. It is a fully dedicated, time lapse video camera device, which is designed with that sole purpose in mind.

brinno hdr camera

The people at Brinno came up with the TLC 2000 Pro precisely to make the creation of such videos particularly easy, and with professional quality results. The TLC2000 Pro does all the work for you from taking the photos, to compiling them, and creating a time lapse sequence, all in-camera, negating any need for post work. The gadget runs on 4 AA batteries that will power the TLC2000 Pro for 240,000 frames.

brinno tlc200 pro

Among the other features of the camera listed on the Brinno webpage are:

  • HDR video sensor  – High performane HDR video sensor, capture Time Lapse video in any light
  • Instant Video – TLC200 Pro captures and converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video.
  • 4.2 µm pixel size – Awesome low light recording and sharper images.      
  • Interchangeable Lens – Don’t like the kit lens? Fine, chose the lens you want.
  • f2.0 Aspherical lens – Sharper, brighter images with this aspherical glass lens     
  • Super Wide Angle – 112˚Field of View A wider area to be recorded creating panoramic images

brinno tlc200 pro hdr camera

While many photographers like fussing with the details and parameters for a time lapse project, the TLC2000 Pro will certainly find a niche in those that enjoy the time lapse concept, but who do not have the time or inclination to fuss over the technical particulars.

See the detailed product description over at the Brinno website.

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