The Diana F+ Instant Camera Combines Cool Effects and Instant Photography in One

Diana f+ instant camera

Introduced in 2007, the Diana+ is a replica of the Diana camera which is a plastic-bodied box camera using 120 roll film and 35 mm film. The new version is produced by Lomography in an effort to revive people’s adoration for the original Diana from the 1960’s, which was essentially  a “toy camera” produced by the Great Wall Plastic Co. The original camera used a simple plastic meniscus lens. If you love the immediacy of instant photography, but also liked the appeal of the cool effects of Lomography cameras, Lomography has created the Diana F+ Instant Camera.

Diana f+ instant camera back

First marketed as a cheap novelty gift item, the original Diana has been used to purposely take soft focus, impressionistic-like photographs akin and reminiscent of the Pictorialist Period of artistic photography. The Diana was prone to light leaks, film advance problems, and other issues. Nevertheless, its inferior-quality plastic lens has been notable for its novel effects in photographs, usually resulting in a slightly out-of-focus image that can be likened to a ‘dreamlike’ quality.

Diana f+ instant camera bottom

Those accidental images due to design flaws can be produced again and the trademark Diana dreaminess can be replicated effortlessly!  Designed as an all-in-one instant camera package, waiting for your films to be processed is a thing of the past. Users can easily achieve the Diana F+’s much desired ‘dreamlike’ photo look on instant film.

Diana f+ instant camera bottom

All you need do is to load the camera with Fuji Instax Mini film to begin making quick dreamy pictures. The bundle of the Diana F+ Instant Camera includes a close-up lens attachment for portrait shooting, as well as a standard Diana F+ Back if you prefer taking 120 medium format pictures using standard film.  It also has pinhole capabilities, and is compatible with assorted Diana F+ lenses and accessories.

Diana f+ instant camera lens

Until now, the Diana F+ used to require an instax camera back if you wanted to take instant pictures. Thanks to Lomography, Diana F+ Instant puts all that in the past. The creativity unleashed that you get is quite amazing in the goodies you get like pinhole lenses, bulb mode, and a couple of focal lengths to experiment with, among others.

Diana f+ instant camera instax

The unit retails for $139 over at the Lomography website, which you can visit here.

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