The Look Lock: Good Idea or Epic Fail?

photo of look lockHave you ever wished for a phantom limb to hold your phone while you shoot? Some people could benefit from the extra help, especially when they don’t have a personal assistant handy.

The Look Lock could be the answer. It’s a rock solid aluminum arm that locks into your camera’s hotshoe to hold your smartphone.

photo of look lock

It has a ball head on its base and a strong adjustable middle joint that you can twist and turn in any direction. Move your phone towards your subject, then back to you without having to rotate your camera. It’s extra great on a tripod.

Aluminum allows for a strong grip without adding a lot of weight to what could already be a heavy DSLR. The Look Lock’s clamp conveniently fits your phone, bulky case and all.

photo of look lock

How you can use it:

1. When shooting kids

When shooting kids, we sometimes use distractions to direct their attention towards the camera or towards the light. For some, a squeaky toy does the trick, but with the younger generation being introduced to gadgets so early, it pays to have some photos, videos or apps ready. The Look Lock can help you provide some entertainment to give you a better opportunity to shoot.

2. For checking lists

Do you have an idea board of frames that you want to shoot? I do. I try to visualize some must-have frames beforehand, and I have stored them on my iPhone on more than one occasion.

3. Use your phone as a mirror

Some models work better when they can see themselves in the camera, so by using your phone as a mirror, they can pose more easily and comfortably.

4. Use your phone as a teleprompter

When shooting videos, it pays to have a script on hand in case your actor forgets his/her lines. The smaller screen of a phone is a bit limiting, but if your subject isn’t too far away, it can be a big help.

5. Behind the scenes shots

Don’t forget that a behind the scenes video could be just as interesting as your final images. It also helps your viewers/readers gain a better perspective on your thought process and how you work.

photo of look lock

photo of look lock

photo of look lock

You can purchase the Look Lock here for $75.

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

I am a freelance photographer who is no stranger to smudged lenses, long hours in front of the computer, heavy camera bags (and the back aches that ensued) and missing lens caps. If you know what I'm talking about, you probably have as much love and passion for photography as I do.