The Planet’s Most Magnificent Vistas in One Book

alpine landscape
Alpine Landscape
Credit: Michele Galli/Getty Images

Go on a photographic trip into some of the most spectacular places in the world. The journey takes place courtesy of the world renowned travel book, the Lonely Planet. Experience these places in pictures you have never seen before. The book is guaranteed to re-ignite a passion with this planet we call earth. It is entitled Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World and it pages will transport you to locations that will arouse your imagination.

Aurora Borealis
Aurora borealis photographed in the early hours of the morning in Arctic Circle
Credit: Antony Spencer/Getty Images

They are the kinds of destinations that you might have on a bucket list. The sites are astounding, spectacular, isolated, and yet are almost all recognizable.

Lantern float to the Sky
Thousands of Lantern float to the sky at Chiangmai
Credit: Athit Perawongmetha/Getty Images

Lonely Planet is the leading travel guide book publisher in the world. The company was originally owned by BBC Worldwide, which acquired it in 2007.  BBC Worldwide sold it in 2013 to U.S. billionaire Brad Kelley’s NC2 Media to the tune of US$75 million.

Red rock canyon
Red Rock Towers With Sand Patterns At Monument Valley Tribal Park Arizona And Utah Border
Credit: Ron and Patty Thomas Photography/Getty Images

Initially called Lonely Planet Publications, the company opted to change its name to Lonely Planet to mirror its extensive travel industry offering and the stress on digital products in 2009. Besides Let’s Go Travel Guides, it was one of the primary collections of travel books targeted at backpackers and other low budget travelers. By 2010, its publishing roster had around 500 titles translated in 8 languages, well-viewed TV programs, a magazine, a mobile phone app and of course, websites.

English Lake District: Lyth Valley
English Lake District: Lyth Valley
Credit: Vetta/ Getty Images

Lonely Planet’s head office is in a suburb of Melbourne called Footscray, with affiliate offices in Oakland, California and London, England. The company’s name is derived from a rather obscure line from a song called “Space Captain,” penned by Matthew Moore.

New York City aerial
Buildings in New York City at night, as seen from the Empire State Building
Credit: Nikada/Getty Images

The song was popularized by Joe Cocker and Leon Russell during the “Mad Dogs & Englishmen” tour from 1970. As the story goes, the exact words from the song are “lovely planet”. Tony Wheeler co-founder of the Lonely Planet guidebook company with his wife Maureen Wheeler thought they heard “lonely planet,” and used that instead.

Westminster Panorama
Dusk panoramic view of The London Parliament, the Big Ben and the Westminster Bridge viewed from across river Thames
Credit: Enzo Figueres/Getty Images

Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World, features beautiful pastoral images, thousands of lanterns, incredible deserts, icebergs and wildlife, and so much more of spectacular Mother Nature. The book contains over 200 fabulous images.

Dolphins underwater photo
Cormorants join Sardine Run action together with cape gannets and common dolphins
Credit: Dmitry Miroshnikov/ Getty Images

Get a sneak peek of the fantastic pictures here.

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