The Streets of New York from a Cyclist’s Perspective

Tim Sklyarov bicycle

Put on your trainers, grab a helmet and brace yourselves to see the big apple in two-wheeled style.  The series New York through the eyes of a Road Bicycle shot by cycling enthusiast Tim Sklyarov is a collection of photographs of the city of New York as it would be viewed through the eyes of a roving cyclist. It is an intimately photographed series, with ground photos connecting you with the city through some unexpectedly stunning scenes shot by the designer/photographer.

bicycle Tim Sklyarov

Most people who are passionate about cycling will tell you that the only way to really feel in touch with your environs is from a bicycle. Sure enough, New York through the eyes of a Road Bicycle put you in that kind of intimate seat. It was almost as if you were in New York yourself, experiencing every facet of the city in detail.

Tim Sklyarov new york

Sklyarov had this to say of the experience of seeing NYC on two wheels.  “When you cycle on the streets you see [the city and its inhabitants] in a very different point of view. Let me share with you some photos I took last year – NYC through the eyes of a road bike.” In all the shots we spy Sklyarov’s hands gripping the handlebars of his bicycle at the lower part of each image.

new york Tim Sklyarov

Everything from the mesmerizing flashing lights of Times Square as well as the busy city streets is captured by Sklyarov’s camera. We are also shown many scenes of the cultural and racial melting pot that is the Big Apple. Even side streets that are less glamorous than your more photogenic tourist spots are given equal exposure in the series.

nyc Tim Sklyarov

It is an extremely honest, albeit, refreshing view of NYC, much like the one you would actually see on foot if you went in person. It is a difficult achievement, but Sklyarov is able shoot the oft featured city in a way that is a uniquely fresh perspective.

Tim Sklyarov nyc

So go strap on your virtual helmet and join Sklyarov on New York through the eyes of a Road Bicycle here.

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