These Adorable Doggy Portraits Will Make You Swoon


Guess what? Another photographer has found a way to indulge her passion for both the camera and dogs. Polish photographer Alicja Zmyslowka combines her twin loves, photography and dogs, in some of the most endearing photographs of pups interacting with nature and each other.

Alicja Zmyslowka dog

From all sorts of breeds from shepherds, retrievers to collies, Zmyslowka shoots various dogs in beautiful natural settings of pastoral scenes. Zmyslowka grew up around cameras, since photography was constantly present in her family. Her dad and brother showed her all about cameras and darkroom work as she was growing as a young girl.

dog Alicja Zmyslowka

She recently expressed how she deeply feels for photography. “Photography is an integral part of my life; this is not just a hobby, or a way to spend your time, it’s like a lifestyle. Photography allows you to capture the uniqueness of moments, places… There is an art to capture the image of something: the trick is to show it in a completely different, new way.”

dog Alicja Zmyslowka photo

As for her love of dogs, that would come later specifically in 2006, when a cute puppy came into her life. Ever since that time, she realized her niche was in dog photography.

She has been able to capture totally delightful images of dogs, just like the ones she shot here, ever since she came across that puppy golden retriever 8 years ago.

photo dog Alicja Zmyslowka

She has devoted her profession to taking dog photos saying, “I would love to share my passion and love for dogs through my photography. I want to show what’s best in each dog, I want to catch their souls. When I take pictures of homeless dogs, I want to help them find new and loving homes. And when I take pictures of people with their pet companions, I want them to have the perfect photos of their favorite moments spent with their four-legged friends.”

dog Alicja Zmyslowka portrait

You can see most of her enchanting work here.

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