These Adorable Photos of Guinea Pigs Will Make You Swoon


Mention the creature guinea pig and immediately images of experimentation and testing come to mind. As a matter of fact say ‘guinea pig’ and you will often get the impression that something new is being tried, often implying unknown if not perilous results. There are a few exceptions ofcourse, such as Booboo.



Booboo is a cute little guinea pig that rather than work in a test laboratory, is a regular subject of a photographer that goes by the moniker ‘Lieveheerbeestje.’ Booboo often poses in photo shoots that are just absolutely adorable. Booboo can be seen bathing in a pink tub, looking intellectual wearing black rimmed glasses, frolicking in a grassy area, and even ‘reading’ a book.



Booboo is a diminutive, 2 year-old little guinea pig and tips the scales at approximately 1kg. As one can see, she absolutely loves to ham it up in front of the camera along with other guinea pigs.  According to Lieveheerbeestje, “they just don’t move a lot in front of the camera, I guess I am lucky with that!” Booboo’s preferred food is chicory and carrots and her favorite pastime is to eat, sleep and you guessed it, model for the camera.



Technically, guinea pigs are neither Pigs nor Guinean, but nonetheless are docile pets that can be as tiny as a rat or as large as a small dog. The guinea pig is also called the cavy, and is a type of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae as well as the genus Cavia. They trace their origins to the Andes, and earlier studies based on biochemistry and hybridization indicate they are domesticated descendants of an intimately related species of cavy such as Cavia aperea, C. fulgida, or C. tschudii.

Make sure to visit the Lieveheerbeestje webpage for more irresistibly cute photos of Booboo the guinea pig and her friends.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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