These Adorable Photos of Newborns Will Put a Smile on Your Face


Erin Elizabeth’s area of expertise is to photograph newborn babies, and she possesses the incredible ability to get even the most difficult of little ones to break into a smile. Elizabeth has been photographing toddlers as young as just a few days old for six years now since 2008.  Given her flair for the specialty, request for her work has been growing year by year.

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To circumvent annoying the little ones, she uses no artificial light in her studio. Elizabeth has even come-up with special wrapping methods fashioned to get an assortment of shots while keeping the little ones agreeable, relaxed, and most of all happy.

child portrait photography


Elizabeth says the first 14 days of a baby’s life are the most opportune time to photograph them. This is since it is an unbelievably special time for any family, and it is also when the newborns are most prone to deep sleep, making it easier to pose them. Beyond two weeks, they are wide awake more and less cooperative with being moved around.  2014 was certainly a great year for Elizabeth.

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“This year was the year of newborns for me (I think I have mentioned that before). It seems like a ton of my clients decided to expand their families and I was more than happy to capture that for them! I love sweet squishy little newborn babies. I love buying tiny little hats and pants and bows to put them in. I love snuggling them and capturing their tiny details,” she said.

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As a parent herself, Elizabeth is only too aware of the joys little ones bring to a family.   “I’m constantly amazed at how quickly they grow and change,” she said, “and forever thankful that I continue to take the time to capture as many of their baby and toddler moments as possible. That’s what I love most about photography. It allows us to steal away little snippets of time that might not seem like anything out of the ordinary when the camera shutter clicks, but will ultimately be the moments that we most treasure after they are long gone.”

erin elizabeth


Here’s to celebrating our dear little children. See Elizabeth’s adorable work here.

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