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Finn Beales

Finn Beales is a photographer with an amazing amount of talent. The Award-winning lensman is based in the Black Mountains of Wales. He travels to places in search of that perfect image. Iceland, Canada, and Denmark are just some of the destinations he sets foot on to capture breathtaking landscape images.

Finn Beales landscape

Examining his work, it is not surprising that he who resides in the Black Mountains of Wales, is inspired by the many facets of nature. Through his photography, he explores the relationship between people and nature.

Finn Beales landscape photo

“All sorts of things inspire me, but I’m particularly fascinated by the relative lifespan of the world around us compared to ourselves,” he mused during a recent interview.

Finn Beales landscapes

Beales has journeyed around the globe taking photographs for his many clients which includes travel firms and tourists boards, hoping always to tell a story thru his images. “I think about where I am and how I might relay the space around me to an audience,” said Beales. “I try to cover small, seemingly insignificant, details that provide context when married with more obvious frames.”

Finn Beales landscape photos

Imbibed with a great spirit for adventure, he actually takes pleasure in shooting when the conditions are less than perfect.

“Most photographers will tell you to shoot just before sunset at ‘golden hour’ because the light is soft and beautiful. Undoubtedly true, but I like to shoot in really bad weather and have made some of my favorite photographs in really appalling conditions: gale force winds, thick snow blizzards, driving rain. It’s never as bad as it seems once you’re out in it and the resulting pictures can be far more dramatic.”

Finn Beales landscape photography

Besides liking work during inclement weather, he also enjoys shooting during foggy mornings. “Water droplets in fog or mist make light scatter more than it would otherwise,” he said. “This softens light, but also allows it to streak from concentrated sources.” Beales’ free spirited attitude allows him to escape any perceived limitations, and instead embraces the world around him as it is. This way he is able to freely carve his own niche as an artist.

Finn Beales landscape photography example

See his wonderful work here.

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