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Jakub Polomski is a professional Polish photographer. His chosen niche is landscape and travel photography, and he carries with him a very special, if not inspirational story. The year 2005 was a difficult time for Polomski.  He graduated from school and yet was clueless with what to do with his life. As luck would have it, he saw some images on a National Geographic magazine issue, and this greatly influenced him to get into photography.


Polomski initially borrowed a camera from a friend and started shooting landscapes around his hometown of Cieszyn. He is largely self-taught, reading-up about photography and learning everything on his own initiative. For a newbie, he felt quite good about his photos so he decided to share them on the Internet.


In reality, the photographs were not that great and he got his fair share of negative comments.  The unsolicited critique he received was put to good use as Polomski took them to heart. Eventually he improved in his craft. At that time his main job was as a graphic designer and during his free time he practiced and honed his photography.  By 2007, he entered his work in a photo contest and garnered 3rd prize.

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Ever since that time he has won many prizes and commendations in both domestic and international photography events. The most treasured and valuable prize however was the National Geographic Poland first place award he garnered for his work called Polish Landscape in 2010.

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The prize was a 7-day trip to Patagonia (Argentina). It was the first time Polomski had a chance to visit such an exotic destination. After that trip as he got back from Argentina, he began building his work portfolio. Polomski is quite popular today on Behance, and for him his success is kind of like living his own version of the American Dream.

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See his impressive body of work of sweeping landscapes and vast panoramas here.

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