These Incredible Photos Will Make You Want to Visit Iceland

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David Martin Castan’s website will greet you with this declaration written on it: “Nothing is Impossible, Do It”. He is embodied with that ‘seize the day’ spirit or, carpe diem in Latin. He puts this philosophy into practice as we see his works, specifically those unreal images of the Icelandic topography.  Castan captures such incredible photographs of Iceland, a feat in itself because although stunning visually, Iceland is not exactly one of the most hospitable places with harsh, bitter cold weather to deal with at most times.

iceland landscape

Castan took his images primarily between daybreak and twilight to capture the marvelous colors bathing the natural landscape. Iceland, which is replete with raging waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, grandiose volcanoes, and immense ice caves, jumps at you in Castan’s dazzling, evening scenes.

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Iceland has been described as a country still in the formation process. The natural elements are working like a well rehearsed orchestra, fueling its unrivaled volcanic laboratory, gushing geysers,  swishing arctic gales, rising stone towers, grinding glaciers along with the ominous tundra.

iceland landscape photo

Otherworldly hues bathe Castan’s images, adding a sense of the surreal and drama to the landscape. The mirrored rosy, violet colors of dawn on chunks of ice mesmerize; the supernatural glow of an aurora borealis is breathtaking; the arresting blue hues of an ice cave seems hypnotic; and shimmering golden rays from the sun glisten on a desolate shore; these are just some of Castan’s captured imagery.

landscape photo iceland

His work flawlessly captures the inimitable splendor of Iceland. The raw beauty of Mother Nature is everywhere in this collection, and we can only say that Castan’s work is nothing short of genius, as he faithfully capture’s Iceland in a manner unlike any other before.

landscape photography iceland

david martin castan landscape photography iceland

landscape photography iceland david martin castan

david martin castan landscape photography iceland

See his work of Islandia as well as other images in his website.

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