This is What Happens When You Put Dogs Inside a Photo Booth

dogs in photobooth

St. Louis, Missouri-based Lynn Terry is a professional photographer who in addition to commercial projects and family portrait work, has been photographing animals for over a 10 years. She is partial to dogs, particularly pit bulls, as she recently shared in an interview.

“I have a personal affinity for the breed. They are the underdog and I want to do what I can to change public opinion about the breed. They also make some of the best faces.”

dog in photo booth

Recently she decided to put two adorable pit bulls in a photo booth, and guess what the two ended up doing? Well, they began to cozy–up together, what else? This was the delightful surprise Terry found out when she made a photo booth dedicated for St. Louis dogs on Valentine’s Day. The results were almost human-like in the PDA or ‘public display of affection’ department for these canines.

dogs inside photobooth

“I had all these old shots of people in photo booths collected from random places, and I thought, ‘I wonder how just this would be to do with dogs,'” said Terry. “As soon as I put them in front of the camera, they sat down and started kissing each other. Like, ‘Nobody’s looking. Let’s make out!”

Terry initially came up with the thought of a dog photo booth collection when she photographed two pit bulls named Pitunia and Tucker. The adorable and amusing results prompted her to pursue the series on a bigger scale, amusing animal lovers.

dogs phootbooth

The Valentine’s Day portraits have since gone viral and she has heard from media institutions like Good Morning America, the Today Show, in addition to the Huffington Post. Ironically, Terry is not your typical ‘animal loving person,’ as she did not grow up around much of them. She also reveals she was more into cats, until a former boyfriend gave her a pit bull, which changed all that.

photobooth dogs

See what the fuss is all about here.

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