Thought-Provoking Cinemagraphs of Both City Life and the Natural Outdoors

julien douvier

Is it a picture or a looped video? Well something in between, but it is surely entertaining to look at. Photographer Julien Douvier uses a myriad of methods from his magic bag of techniques to produce these delightful, thought-provoking cinemagraphs of both city life and the natural outdoors. A cinemagraph is a photograph wherein a chosen area is animated to create a specific movement by repeating it in a loop. What Douvier does is take what are already dramatic photographs and animates them to life with understated elements of movement like flowing water, smoke from a chimney or the dancing of branches as they are swept by the blowing wind.


There seems to be a pervasive theme of melancholy in Douvier’s pictures, which is what lends them even more character. Douvier is 24 years old, and studied graphic design in France together with editorial / print and advertising design. He is currently a freelancer open to projects and other opportunities. It is not difficult to imagine that work should not be a problem for this young man with such fine work.

julien douvier cinemagraph escalator

He said this of himself in his info page,

“As you can see, I attach a great importance to quality and details in my work. I will never release something I’m not satisfied of, even if I have to spend a lot of extra time on it. The meaning is very important too: I could create a lot of personnal projects, but I don’t want them to be meaningless…”

julien douvier cinemagraph water

Douvier draws inspiration from many things, which he enumerates as “photographs, movies, videos, ads, art in general…” He is primarily a visual artist, which is the core source of inspiration for his work. Music is also very important to him and he cannot imagine a day without listening to something. “Music brings images and stories to my mind and often influences my choices during the making of a project.” Whatever it is that drives him must be an interesting cocktail that brings out some exceptional artistry, as one can see here. It is no doubt a fascinating body of work.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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