Three Brothers Recreate Their Childhood Photos as a Present for Their Mother

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One would be surprised with what lengths some people would go just to relive some childhood experiences. The closest we have to reliving those bygone days of innocent childhood is usually through videos for the younger generation, but most of us older folk in their 40s to 50s have to rely solely on pictures. Hopefully we had parents that diligently snapped away at candid and playful moments, freezing in time childhood antics that we remember well into our senior years.

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That’s what normal people do anyway. But not these three brothers. These siblings along with their consenting father are the latest to try their creativity at the side-splitting and hilarious childhood-photo-remake trend. The four clowns, need we say, did an excellent job! They were even so lucky as to have their 95-year-old grandmother (who looks much younger than that number) even participate in the re-enactment fun!

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The idea behind this trend is really a very straightforward one. Simply identify some of your fondest childhood photos and re-enact what is in them in every possible way, and o fcourse the fact that you are all grown up makes it a hilarious undertaking.

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The story behind this attempt to recreate their childhood pictures is that the family turned the photos into a calendar to gift to their mother as a Christmas present. Now wasn’t that sweet of the boys? If you find that this is the most delightful thing ever, like we said it’s already a trend and many have created similarly crazy pictures!

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When kids do silly things, make faces or strike ridiculous poses, it doesn’t look that bad, because you half expect that from kids. But when adults do it… they just look absolutely zany! See the series of the three brothers and their pop here.

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