Time-Lapse Video Captures the Feverish Pace of Midtown Manhattan

MIDTOWN from Drew Geraci (District 7 Media) on Vimeo.

The feverish pace of Midtown Manhattan is seen in the time-lapse video, Midtown, by Drew Geraci of District 7 Media. While gathering the material, Geraci and his associates shot a staggering number of photos of Manhattan, and also recorded audio in every location. Taking a trip thru this time-lapse production puts you in a gripping front seat, seeing the sights and sounds of the iconic city.  The gear used by Geraci and his team consisted of the following; (4) Canon 5D Mark III’s, (2) Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II, Canon 24-105mm f/4 and a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 II.

times square nyc

Geraci shows Midtown New York City as the bustling metropolis it is reputed to be. The dazzling light everywhere from the streets and establishments, vehicular traffic, urban structures and the sea of people shows undeniably that this city is bursting with activity 24/7. Watching this time-lapse clip and experiencing the sights and sounds immerses you almost firsthand into this world famous metropolitan super city.

people in times square nyc

Geraci had this to say about the project,

“For us, this time-lapse production was produced using more than 50,000 still frames, shot over the course of 6 months traveling back and forth from Washington DC to New York City while we shot for clients. Our main goal was to capture the central part of the city in both visuals and audio. The sound effects used in this production were taken from the various locations we shot and were added in to give you the feeling of actually being there.

There were multiple times during this shoot that we were chased off, either by cops or the cold. The subway shots were particularly difficult to get, especially in the wake of the Boston bombings. We were led out and in some cases followed by police officers or MTA officials who seemed intent on getting us for using tripods.”

streets manhattan aerial view

The music score in the clip is performed by Danny McCarthy, licensed through Killertracks.com. The production also involved the talents of a host of other people; namely,  Arthur Breese, Jimmy Shea, Gregg Lehrman, Jay Burlage, CA Time-lapse Crew (Joe Capra, Colin Rich, Andrew Walker, Matt Givot, Chris Pritchard, Michael Shainblum, Eric Hinds, Ben Canales, Sheldon Neil) Richard Bently, and Patryk Kizny. View their collective work Midtown, under the direction of Geraci over here.

manhattan from cab view

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