Time-Lapse Video ‘Karoo Journey’ Explores Karoo Region of South Africa

South African based fine-art landscape photographer Joe Louw and his spouse, Jonelle recently took a seven day trip into the Karoo region of South Africa. This trip was for the purpose of shooting his latest time-lapse project. Using twin cameras, a Shukuma DOLLY and a Shukuma MINI, Louw came off this particular project with some remarkably beautiful footage. He recalls the one week journey to the Karoo with much detail in the video description. The Karoo is best known for its vegetation, which consists of assorted succulents and low scrub bushes spaced closely together.

karoo south africa time lapse footage

Below is a brief excerpt about the turbulent and unpredictable weather conditions Louw and company had to endure during their travel into this semi-desert natural region of South Africa.

“The days were hot and nights were windy, often stormy. Irregular cloud activities and sudden wind direction changes sure kept things interesting and unpredictable. It was sometimes difficult to know in which direction a storm was moving so I would take the risk to set up my camera to shoot throughout the night, not knowing if I’ll be forced to stop the shot.

During one night the wind was blowing like crazy and I was concerned about the camera and lens being so close to the ground. When I got out of the tent there was dust everywhere! As I got back to put all the equipment away, I was barely in the tent when the first raindrops started to fall!”

Inclement weather aside, the only other dilemma Louw encountered was an excess of what to photograph.  This was an extremely rich and abundant source of material that made it a predicament to choose one scene over the other. “If we had five cameras here they would all be shooting simultaneously in a different direction,” lamented Louw. To illustrate this predicament, Louw’s camera at one point shot for 18 hours straight, hardly stopping.

They emerged from the trip with 25 minutes of time-lapse raw footage. They edited that down to below four minutes to sync with the music score.  The editing is master class quality, with razorblade precision of images, movement, synchronized to the pensive, piano-themed music.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from Jonelle’s Instagram account:

karoo region south africa rig

land rover camera setup time-lapse

photographer by the side of the road

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