Time-Lapse Video of A Day in New York (Over 100,000 Photos!)

New York is almost always among photographers’ top locations to shoot. Yes, it’s noisy and it’s very fast-paced, but there’s just so much character and culture that people can’t resist going back to over and over again. A mere 24 hours is not enough to explore the city or even a small part of it, but this video entitled New York Day by time-lapse photographer Samuel Orr could pave the way for a longer film entitled New York Year which could portray more of the city’s stunning landscapes.

New York Day was shot over 4 trips to the city. It is composed of a combination of sped-up video clips and time-lapse sequences made from hundreds of thousands of images. Orr used a Canon EOS 7D and a Canon EOS Rebel T3i as his main cameras, but he also had a couple of older Nikon Coolpix 5000 point and shoot cameras as backup. He spent a total of six weeks photographing the city from various locations and vantage points.

new york city skyline screenshot

One person commented on his video asking how he was able to achieve an aerial perspective. He responded saying:

those are from rooftops, the movement of the buildings is animated from multiple layers.

I think it’s great how he didn’t use very high-end equipment to create this video so that it can inspire other photographers to try doing time-lapse videos even without an extensive rig. I also enjoyed the natural sounds of the city which he included alongside a track by Ben Rusch. The sounds are just as big a part of New York as the lights, in my opinion.

time square new york

Orr wanted to capture the changes within the city that people don’t often notice: the city coming to life at pre-dawn, commuters beginning their trek to their destinations and then back again in the evening.

new york from aerial perspective

New York Day is just the first piece of his project. Orr is planning something on a larger scale, which will take the viewer on a time-lapse adventure through some of New York’s most scenic landscapes, both urban and natural. He wants to capture the city across the four seasons, hence the yearlong project and the request for funding.

Several more trips are planned in anticipation of New York Year, so if you’re interested in supporting him, you can check out his fundraising progress on Kickstarter.

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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