Time-Lapse Video of the Bustling City of Doha, Qatar’s Rapidly Growing Capital

Two gentlemen put together this spectacular time-lapse trip of the lively city of Doha. The video contrasts the ancient sand dunes as well as historical temples against the flourishing cityscapes that are now Doha, Qatar’s rapidly growing capital. Directed by producer Hussam Maatouk and shot by San Diego photographer/videographer Michael Shainblum, the short piece is entitled Welcome to Doha, a time-lapse discovery of the bustling city.

doha camels

Shainblum jams a lot of different views of Doha into just four minutes. He crams factories, construction sites, and spectacular shots of its city center area, allowing us to see the brisk growth of Qatar’s economy. Due to an abundance of oil and gas resources in addition to international real estate holdings, Doha has remarkably stretched its arms in record time, growing at an unprecedented rate in recent decades. And this is just the beginning. Doha has 47 new skyscrapers, enormous malls, spa villages, as well as even artificial islands in the pipeline. To add to its reputation as a truly global city, Doha is set to host the FIFA World Cup in a brand-new stadium in 2022.

doha city

The now prosperous Middle Eastern city offers a diversity of architectural styles, as olden mosques and temples are juxtaposed against modern day skyscraper. Shainblum’s delightful treatment and portrayal of the city only adds to the old world and new world appeal of Doha.

doha time-lapse

Time-lapse videos are one of the most intricate forms of photography and only a patient, committed person can produce quality results just like Shainblum’s Welcome to Doha. Shainblum was diagnosed with Dyslexia as a kid in addition to various learning disabilities. He channeled his energies by playing with Lego blocks, and in the process discovered that he was gifted with unusual creativity.

doha skyline

As he got older, he made up his mind to direct his creativity through artistic endeavors and pursuits. It was a wise thing to do, because he is now reaping the benefits through quite a reputation as one of the premiere time-lapse photographers of today.

doha at night

See Welcome to Doha here.

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