Time-Lapse Video Takes You Through the Spectacular Views of Dubai

Rob Whitworth is a well-known urban filmmaker, with a reputation for creating breathtaking videos that show locations in a dramatic and captivating way. Whitworth’s easily identifiable style has attracted critical acclaim, and has received millions of online hits.

He is presently based in Shanghai, China and has broad experience working in various Asian destinations. For his latest project however, we find Whitworth in the global city that is Dubai.

Dubai Flow Motion 2015 - 12

Dubai Flow Motion 2015 - 10

Dubai Flow Motion 2015 - 11

Rob Whitworth Dubai Flow Motion Screenshot

Known for its classically inspired as well as modern skyline, Whitworth uses this enchanting city in a desert Oasis as his latest backdrop and subject. He immerses himself into the city’s soul, and in the process molds a sensory experience, scouring every nook and cranny with his camera as he tries his best to disrobe this place of both ancient history and unparalleled modernity.

In Whitworth’s latest creation one will find himself virtually flying into the global city. The initial image is a view of Dubai from the cockpit of an Emirates A380 plane, followed by a drastic if not violent edit, thrusting one into layers of the majestic Burj Khalifa, making stark naked the activity of people busy within.

Dubai Flow Motion 2015 - 09

Dubai Flow Motion 2015 - 08

Dubai Flow Motion 2015 - 06

Dubai Flow Motion 2015 - 05

From here you will be indulged in a Baja 500 like experience, as you frolic through the bright orange desert in what else, but a VW dune buggy that devours the sand dunes. As the evening envelops the place, one will find himself in the creek o the city’s historical waterway. The whole sandstorm of experience culminates with one final change of perspective in a gut wrenching skydive.

Dubai-FlowMotion_BTS 01
Dubai-FlowMotion_BTS 03

Dubai-FlowMotion_BTS 04

Dubai-FlowMotion_BTS 05

Dubai-FlowMotion_BTS 06

Dubai-FlowMotion_BTS 07

Dubai-FlowMotion_BTS 08

Dubai-FlowMotion_BTS 10

Dubai-FlowMotion_BTS 11

Creating this masterpiece required a decent amount of planning and cooperation and luckily, Whitworth had the luxury of both. “Creating the storyboard was simultaneously incredible exciting and absolutely terrifying. It had been made clear that I had access to some incredible equipment and locations. Which made pretty much anything possible.” He likewise decided to throw caution to the wind, and have as much fun as possible while at work.


Check out the rest of Whitworth’s work here and see why he is such a celebrated time-lapse artist.

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