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Timeless Portrait Photography Tips

by Wayne Radford

With over 26 years experience as a portrait photographer, Wayne Radford will show you how he creates his soulful and timeless images.


Portrait Composition Tips

Child Photography eBook

This ebook follows on from NATURAL LIGHT PORTRAITURE showing more set up images and diagrams on creating natural light portraits. In addition there is valuable information on how I plan portrait sessions, not just turning up to sessions and working with what’s presented to me, but planning the clients clothing colors to match the theme of their homes. The information is valid for both color or black and white.

Timeless Portrait Photography Ebook - The Rule of Thirds

Selecting Backgrounds

Studio Portrait of Two Sisters

One thing I often notice is simple mistakes photographers make when selecting a theme, such as high-key or low-key, is the mis-match relationship of clothing to background. This ebook will show you my process for avoiding these situations and creating a more balanced and timeless look.

Portrait of a child

Easy to Follow Charts and Diagrams

Timeless Portrait Photography Ebook Charts and Diagrams

A timeless portrait is not an old school portrait nor a trendy fashion portrait. It is a portrait that stands the test of time and if planned correctly is a valuable lifetime investment allowing these art pieces to be displayed as contemporary portraits or traditional portraits.

Portrait Photography Session

I have reduced the text to the necessary and included easy to follow charts and images with explanations. It’s not a text book, it’s more a how and why it was created style.


Who’s the ebook for?

Photography Ebook on Portrait Expression and Mood

If you’re new, you should also look at purchasing the previous ebook, NATURAL LIGHT PORTRAITURE, as the two ebooks compliment each other. If you already have the previous ebook or you’re an experienced creative portrait photographer, this ebook maybe what you’re looking for to fine tune your craftsmanship.

Timeless Portrait Photography Ebook Sample Photos

What Kind of Format is this eBook in?

Timeless Portraits is a downloadable PDF file, which can be viewed on a number of devices – laptop and desktop computers, iPhone or Android devices, iPads, and other tablets.

For best results please download to a desktop or laptop then transfer to a mobile device or tablet - we recommend GoodReader as a PDF reader for iPads.

This Portrait Photography Ebook can be found here: Timeless Portraits

eBook PriceTimeless Portraits by Wayne Radford

$14.95Normal Price: $19.95

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eBook PriceTimeless Portraits

$14.95Normal Price: $19.95

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