Timeless Portrait Photography Tips by Wayne Radford

Portrait Photography Tips

portait photography tips ebook

TIMELESS PORTRAITS is a supplement to NATURAL LIGHT PORTRAITURE and contains more images of recommended setups and diagrams that will help you create natural light portraits. Aside from that, you’ll also be getting lots of valuable information on how Wayne Radford plans his portrait sessions. He doesn’t just show up at a shoot unprepared, but goes the extra mile such as planning the color schemes of everything from clothes to the interior of the subject’s home. Radford’s ebook includes information for both color and black and white portrait photography.

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 portrait photography ebook

One common mistake among photographers is how when they forget to match the theme to the background. Take for example a high-key portrait theme shoot. Sometimes there is a disconnect between the strong effect of the photo and the background. This ebook shows you Radford’s process for avoiding those types of situations and creating a more effortless and timeless look.

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The Rule of Thirds

Creating a timeless portrait does not mean creating an avant-garde fashion portrait or a vintage style portrait. A classic portrait that transcends time can be an irreplaceable memoir, a lifetime investment. These art pieces will be worth prominent display on any mantel, tabletop or studio.

The Golden Spiral in Photography

Radford has written the ebook in a straightforward, easy-to-follow manner filled with charts, images and explanations to help you understand his tips better. Instead of a dreary textbook style type of manual, you’ll be faced more of a “how and why it was created” type of ebook.

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If you’re new to the subject or simply looking for more tips and techniques in portrait photography, you should also look into purchasing Radford’s previous ebook, NATURAL LIGHT PORTRAITURE. Both NATURAL LIGHT PORTRAITURE and TIMELESS PORTRAITS are excellent resources and go hand in hand with each other.

If you’re a more experienced creative portrait photographer, this ebook might be just what you’re looking for in terms of fine-tuning your craftsmanship.

Timeless Portraits is available in a downloadable PDF file. It can be viewed on a number of mobile and computer devices such as laptops, desktops, iPhone, Android, among others.

For best results, download the PDF to your computer first before transferring to your mobile device. We recommend using GoodReader as a PDF reader for iPads.

Timeless Portraits by Wayne Radford


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