Tiny Seattle: Aerial Photos of the Pacific Northwest

tiny seattle

Jacqui Kerness does a great job of fake miniature shots taken of Seattle from the air. The technique is also known as the diorama effect or diorama illusion, and it involves a process in which a photograph of a life-size location or object is made to appear like a picture of a miniature scale model. This is achieved by blurring parts of the photo, simulating the shallow depth of field typically associated in close-up photography. This makes the scene look much smaller than it actually is.

tiny seattle

The blurring can be achieved either optically as the photograph is taken, or through digital manipulation afterwards. The majority of diorama effect photographs are taken from a high perspective, such as these done by Kerness which are aerial shots, to replicate the effect of looking down on a miniature model. Tilt–shift photography is also quite related with miniature faking.

tiny seattle photo

Kerness has spent a lot of time in her life taking pictures from a ground perspective, so when the opportunity presented itself to take aerial shots she could not pass up on the chance. She flew above Seattle in a 1960’s float plane on a regular basis, wanting to capture a not so typical perspective of how most get to see the Pacific Northwest.

tiny seattle photo series

“These photos were taken during different seasons around 500-1000 feet above the city of Seattle and my aim was to capture the beauty in a more whimsical approach and technique. I hope I continue taking pictures of unique landmarks around the country using this method,” said Kerness.

photo tiny seattle

Tilt-shift photography usually involves camera movements on small and medium format cameras, and at times specifically pertains to the use of tilt for selective focus, normally for simulating a miniature scene such as these by Kerness. Occasionally the term is also used when the shallow depth of field is created with digital post-processing.

miniature photo tiny seattle

tiny seattle miniature photo

See Kerness amusing work here.

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