Tiny Tiny Camera Series Draws Attention to Endless Patterns, Colors and Designs

tiny tiny camera cork

Maria Cristina Travaglio seeks to elevate the obscure, insignificant and, well, the small, through her project entitled the Tiny Tiny Camera Project. It is a series of photographs where literally, a tiny, omnipresent camera is in all of the pictures in the series. It is this miniscule little camera that serves as the subject, set against a backdrop of what Travaglio refers to as many “Endless patterns, colors, and designs made by man or nature, countless materials and textures that we pass by every day.”

tiny tiny camera blue guitar

In the Tiny Tiny Camera Project, Travaglio points out that the old adage that ‘life is worth more than the sum of its parts’ can be seen everywhere if we just stop and look around. This is why we should give importance to the little things we come across every day. What may seem insignificant, after all, when taken together form our world as we know it.  Travaglio asks that we take this thought with us each day and perhaps give pause every once in a while to appreciate the seemingly mundane and irrelevant.

tiny tiny camera tickets

Travaglio underscores this thought with images of the most unlikely subjects, from coffee beans, Lego blocks, the wood grain of a cut tree trunk, soil, cork, leaves, a turntable, an electric guitar, and so many more random things you and I would likely encounter on a daily basis.

tiny tiny camera pasta

The Tiny Tiny Camera Project’s point is to emphasize that just as the human cell is difficult to grasp by itself, taken collectively to form the many organs and body parts, it is inconceivable for a human to exist without it. In that same way, The Tiny Tiny Camera project features images of the humdrum, commonplace and even boring, and asks us to look again.

tiny tiny camera pavement

In her own words, Travaglio described this work in progress that began in a year ago on January 2013,

“It is a long term photography project that seeks to prove that there are very cool and interesting things pretty much everywhere you look – endless patterns and colors all around us, many beautiful designs made by man or by nature, countless materials and interesting objects. My tiny tiny camera makes me see them. My regular sized one lets me share them.

I hope this project will encourage you to look a little harder and really see all the beautiful things that surround us…”

tiny tiny camera chinese characters

tiny tiny camera textures

tiny tiny camera patterns

You can visit the Tiny Tiny Camera project here.

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