Touching Family Portraits with a Touch of Playfulness and Unpredictability

sebastian luczywo
Polish photographer Sebastian Luczywo uses an out of the ordinary approach to photograph his family. His innovative but honest photos depicting his wife, his two children as well as family pets in a rural setting are so devoid of any sugar coating or glitz, which is what makes the series strikingly beautiful.

sebastian luczywo portrait

The collection is anything but your run-of-the mill family portrait. The father-of-two who produces quaint and heart-warming pictures shot in a wonderfully rustic rural village in Poland. Łuczywo is a business adviser by profession and is an avid photography enthusiast.  “I tried to show life in the country, but look at it with a grain of salt,” the photographer said in a recent interview. “The inspiration for me is the music and the light that, for every photographer and painter, should be valid. Light is an important factor in creating a photograph. If it is good, it makes the climate, it can create a story.”

family portrait sebastian luczywo

Luczywo’s favorite subjects are his two sons Jacek (8) and Krzysztof (11) and his wife Agnieszka (35). He occasionally includes himself in some of the images. No one gets left out as even his pets can be seen striking some adorably cute poses in the series, with one image showing a puppy snuggled in his gear bag. “I have two large dogs and three puppies. All the dogs live under one roof with a cat and a guinea pig. They are best friends, unselfish, and extremely dedicated.”

sebastian luczywo family portrait

His photographs have been described as visual poetry, and they do evoke a surreal beauty that is almost painting-like in their collective ambiance and feel.” When you live deep inside yourself, you sometimes need to put a tiny bit of your existence shrouded in misery to the surface of your life. If you cannot do it with words, you do it with music, if you cannot do it with a brush and paints, you do it, like in my case, by means of photography.”

family photo sebastian luczywo

family portrait sebastian luczywo photo

See his stunningly gorgeous work here.

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