Touching Portraits of Newborn Babies

newborn sleeping flower crown

Proud parents are always eager to celebrate the birth of their children and New Jersey-based photographer Alicia Gould is certainly no exception. She is just as zealous as any doting parent, even more so being a shutterbug, snapping delightful photos of their newborn babies. Gould’s’s little darlings, shown anywhere from a few days to two weeks old, are wonderfully composed in her growing collection of pictures.

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The 32 year-old-Gould often grabs an opportunity to photograph the tiny models while they are fast asleep, capturing them in irresistible poses. Specializing in taking a newborn’s photograph, however, can be quite tricky, and Gould’s talent at doing so shows in her seemingly effortless looking shots.

newborn sleeping on side

First you have to deal with the parents, putting them at ease since they can get quite nervous and protective. Then there is the matter of handling the newborns and patiently waiting thru their needed feeding and diaper changing breaks.

newborn sleeping wrapped in blanket

Gould spoke recently about her tiny subjects,

“My goal is really just to freeze that moment in time, the physical and the emotional. I want mum to look at those images ten years from now and see that overwhelming love she had for her new baby, the way they smelled, how tiny their fingers and toes were.”

newborn baby snuggling

Recollecting her first photoshoot of this kind, Gould said, “I remember five years ago doing my first free newborn session to add to my portfolio and loving it.” It normally takes her around three hours on each session, photographing infants as young as three days old. “Photographing newborns has to be one of the scariest things though,” she added. “I go to my client’s home and I never know what to expect, each and every baby I’ve met is different. Some are very feisty and some you can’t wake up even if you try.”

infant sleepong

Gould’s goal is for the parents to be able to look at her photographs in perhaps ten years time, and remember the special love and affection they once had for their newborn baby. While she shoots mostly portraits of this nature, the photographer has done some rather peculiar shots as requested by some of her clients. “I had someone ask me once if I could pose her baby in a huge egg because her baby was born at Easter,” shared Gould.

sleeping newborn

See her adorable infant images over here.

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