Traditional Pinup Photos with Splashes of Milk as Clothes Captured with High-Speed Photography

milky pinups

Inspired by the classic pin-ups of the 1940’s and 1950’s, photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz came up with a current version of those iconic posters.  The twist introduced by the London based lensman was to use a highly unusual substance to cloth his models. Wieczorkiewicz used milk, (yes the kind you get from cows) along with high speed photography to capture the drink while being poured over his scantily clad (or near naked) models.

milky pinups on scooter

He snapped hundreds of photos of every pose while pouring actual milk over the ladies, producing some unbelievable shots. All of the images of milk splashing on these women are real, with each of the milk ‘dresses” worn by the pretty models produced thru a layering process using dozens of different photographs. The photos were created in the absence of any illustrations, CGI, and Photoshop. The collection is entitled Milky Pinups, which you can take either literally or figuratively.

milky pinups on bike

Wieczorkiewicz shares some of the action behind the scenes on his blog:

behind the scenes of photo series milky pinups

milky pinups setup

The style and look of the photography brings you back to the pin-ups that proliferated in mid last century, with such iconic stars like of Marylin Monroe, Betty Grable, Jane Russell, Rita Hayworth and countless other timeless beauties.

series milky pinups

Milky Pinups, aims at replicating those popular pin-ups of that bygone era, and does so quite convincingly, adding an original element through milk in place of clothes.

To draw inspiration, Wieczorkiewicz referred to illustrations rendered for pin-up calendars by Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas and Greg Hildebrandt.

photo series milky pinups

Wieczorkiewicz said of the project,

“It was a lot of fun to work on these images. I am happy with the results as you never know if the liquid is actually going to work like you want.”

milky pinups photo series

Wieczorkiewicz plans to take this project a step further, and turn these collective images into a 2014 calendar, scheduled for availability sometime in November.

Meanwhile, for now, you can view most of his delightful Milky Pinups collection over here.

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