Tranquil Seascape Series Shot Using Long Exposure Photography

Antti Viitala

In a very soothing new collection, artist Antii Viitala shoots elegant long exposure photographs of the ocean shore. Viitala who is a landscape and nature photographer calls this series Seascapes. The series is an in-depth examination of the ocean, specifically as the tides move in and out as waves collide into the shore as they hit the break. Viitala basically follows the same design formula for each composition where overcast skies and intense blue waters gently fuse together creating a seamless, almost obscured horizon at the center, nearly blurring where sea ends and skies begins.

Antti Viitala seascapes

Seascapes features the relatively peaceful waters as they come into Camps Bay beach near Cape Town, South Africa. Camps Bay Beach which is a Blue Flag Beach since 2008 is the biggest white sand beach in Camps Bay. A Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education or FEE, which means that a beach or marina meets the organization’s strict standards.

seascapes Antti Viitala

A seasonal life guard station is provided along with toilets at the west end of the shoreline. Found at the far right of Camps Bay beach is Glen Beach, hidden behind large boulders which are a great surfing beach also very popular.

Antti Viitala beach

The collection of a dozen images shows fall storms as they approach Camps Bay beach. Viitala’s technique is to use long exposures to document the movement and exquisite textures of water and sand as they comingle together in the hypnotic photographs.

beach Antti Viitala

The pictures all look like they belong to a series; however no two are quite alike. Viitala’s bio write-up says that the “approach to his work pays homage to the craft of photographers of old. Reaching back through the ages, he couples the inspiration of the old masters, with a firm grasp of modern technology allowing the finest of nuances to be elicited.” Through Seascapes, Viitala entices the viewer to ponder the power of nature while also connecting with its soothing beauty.

water Antti Viitala

Antti Viitala water

Antti Viitala long exposure

Experience Seascapes in his website along with his other works.

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