Try and Buy: Canon Singapore’s New Program

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You can practically try just about anything first, before making a decision to purchase. That would be true for most things, from clothing, some food (food sampling), to more major items like a vehicle. Ever heard of someone buying a car without the compulsory test drive? Well, Canon has just adopted the idea. They are pushing their current lens line in Singapore through a new program they call “Try and Buy”. For a nominal fee, patrons of the brand can bring home their lens of choice and give it a thorough test run before deciding to buy it. Aimed at amateur photographers, Canon’s new promotional push allows up to two lenses for two whole days per person. They even generously exclude counting the pick and return dates. This accommodation was previously reserved exclusively for professional photographers. Now novice shutterbugs get the same privilege.

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Not a totally new concept, third party lens-rental services have comparable rental fees. There are however some benefits for dealing directly with Canon. You will be able to choose from their newest lens models and can avail of discounts for extended warranties if you consummate a purchase. There is also no obligation to buy, even if you max out the entire trial period. Furthermore, Canon Imaging Academy members who have been enrolled in any course the past year qualify for a 50% discount off the published rental fees. All these are very enticing incentives, and ofcourse we all know how solid a brand Canon is in the first place.

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This new program takes the pain away from parting with so much hard-earned cash. You will have the luxury of trying out your preferred lenses in a variety of situations before narrowing your choice down to one. For the perfect match between photographer, camera, and lens, you will be much surer about your choice. So head on over to your Canon Singapore dealer to “test drive” a lens or two. Hopefully this also catches the attention of other brands, so they can adopt the same kind of accommodation Canon is currently offering.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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