Two Portraits Showing Different Halves to a Person in Clever Photo Series ‘Split Personality’

split personality

Photographer Toby Dixon came-up with a rather interesting interpretation of an oft talked about mental condition. In an effort to literally depict the psychological state, Dixon shot a graphic interpretation called Split Personality.

Dissociative identity disorder or  DID, also known as multiple personality disorder or MPD is a mental disorder characterized by at least two separate and relatively continuing identities or dissociated personality states that take turns controlling a person’s behavior.

It is accompanied by memory loss for vital information not explained by commonplace forgetfulness. Its diagnosis is frequently tricky as there is substantial similarity with other mental disorders.

The Sydney, Australia based photographer challenged himself by not using any post-photoshoot tricks. The two images were shot the way they appear, getting practically everything in camera. To help create these two pictures, Dixon had on board stylist Monique Moynihan and make-up artist Budi for the project.

split personality female

Working as a trio, they  brought back a vanishing art form, producing everything organically for the camera to capture, rather than rely heavily on Photoshop, which has become so commonplace nowadays.

Dixon talks of the pictures, saying “For this assignment I wanted to do things a little bit old school. Instead of shooting two separate images and retouching them together to create this ‘split personality’, we did everything though camera with clever styling (Monique Moynihan, 2C) and makeup (Budi, 2C). No cutting, no comping, no Photoshop trickery.  I’d love to tell you who it was for, but Mum’s the word on that one for now,” says Dixon quite proudly and teasing a bit, not disclosing the purpose of the photos.

Looking at the finished product, these split down the middle models could not be more different on each half. One half is all serious, no-nonsense and businesslike, while the other half lets it all hang loose.

See both of these cleverly done shots here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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