Two Vantage Points of One Event Offer New Perspectives for Landscape Photography

pike peak colorado springs sunrise

There probably is no idea for landscape photography that has not been explored. While it is a widespread subject, the volume of landscape photos out there certainly does not detract from each of these images’s creativity. One, however, would be hard pressed to find a totally unique take on the subject, which is why Photographer Todd Caudle’s shots are very much worth a look. His concept is to have simultaneous shots of the same event, but from opposite perspectives.

colorado springs

For example, he was able to document a morning view of a mountain range on the Summit of Pike Peaks near his city, Colorado Springs, while also filming the sunrise casting the morning light on it. Caudle used his personal camera to shoot the mountain, while a webcam provided a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look. A self-described “webcam Junkie,” Caudle says he is often on live streaming webcams when he is constrained to be outdoors shooting images with his camera. He has a favorite webcam placed on the summit of Pikes Peak. It is perched at the top of the mountain, 14,110 feet high and rises over 7,000 feet above Colorado Spring, offering a “commanding view over the city and the plains beyond,” says Caudle. The webcams are also helpful to Caudle for mapping out his landscape photos.

“Sometimes I’ll even check it well before sunrise to see if I can see city lights, indicating whether or not the summit might be poking through a low cloud bank that I might be able to get above. My favorite conditions for landscape photos are when there’s upslope pushing clouds against the Front Range along Colorado Springs’ west side, because there are a few strategically placed roads that I can take to get above the soup. There’s nothing more majestic than seeing the mountain that inspired the writing of “America the Beautiful” rising out of a sea of clouds at sunrise.”

pike peaks mountain top

Very recently, he set up his gear at one of his much loved spots in the Garden of the Gods. As the sun rose and started to cast pink hues at the summit of Pikes Peak, he went to work. Meantime, his “third eye” webcam feed on his phone was taking the sunrise beaming these rays of light on the peak. Matching his photographs later with the simultaneous views shot using the webcam was cinch.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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