Unassuming Mirror in Various Landscape Settings Gives Off Interesting Reflections

a moment's notice photo series

A great idea is always a whiff of fresh air. It is even more special when the idea is clever in its simplicity. This is exactly what American photographer and director of photography Cody William Smith does with a plain, circular mirror.

a moment's notice

He places the unassuming prop in various landscape settings, positions it to give off interesting reflections of the place, and that’s it. Entitled A Moment’s Reflection, it is a multi-dimensional series of different landscapes with the mirror breaking the flow of the scenery, creating a pleasant distraction that complements the main imagery.  Placing the mirror in carefully chosen spots, Smith creates a clever juxtaposition, revealing a different facet to each place.

photo series a moment's notice

He articulated his concept of A Moment’s Reflection recently,

A Moment’s Reflection is my ongoing study of specular, or mirror-like, reflections. My intention is to draw new connections between familiar forms by introducing specular reflections to environments where none would typically exist. The mirrors serve as a focal point within a given scene and also function as a window to provide an entirely unique perspective on the same location.”

a moment's notice mirror

The striking compositions produce an agreeable equilibrium of manifold realities relating to each other in unexpected ways. It is also an interesting study of form, both formal and natural.  Circular shapes are set against a backdrop of flowing and undulating contours, with hues also playing against each other in bright and subdued tones.

mirror a moment's notice photo series

It is an interesting interplay of perspectives achieved through the simplicity of positioning a circular mirror in striking, but not unusual landscape settings. The places range from an arid dessert, calm seashores as well as distant mountains. Smith demonstrates, for all and sundry, we might add, that it still is all about concept.


A Moment’s Reflection can be viewed here.

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