Underwater Engagement Photos of Happy Couples

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As the world turns and a new year is once again upon us, many couples will be surely tying the knot. As with all years, 2015 will have its fair share of fads and trends that will be innovative, fun, and unique. Apparently one such trend is already surfacing, as couples get all wet and brave underwater environments for a one-of-a-kind engagement shoot. Couples are not hesitating as they dive into the New Year to express themselves and immortalize their love in a whole new element.

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These couples come from all walks of life with all sorts of styling sensibilities or themes. Some are into high-end fashion, sporting swanky brands. Others delve into the magical world of fantasy and fiction, or some even into offbeat Steampunk lifestyles. Regardless of the theme, one common thread is the freshness of romance and the desire to have a unique engagement shoot.

photo adam opris

Adam Opris is the man behind these unusual images, and he creates art on a whole new level to celebrate that one unique milestone that rivals the excitement of the wedding itself, the engagement.

adam opris underwater

According to Opris, each couple wants something different, and he is only too glad to oblige.

“Every couple that comes to me looking for something different and unique always has a story. I love bringing each person’s character into the photo shoot and letting them show me what makes them unique as a couple. By putting them into the water, there are so many fun things we can do with the near weightless environment that would not be possible in a standard engagement shoot.”

underwater photos adam opris

Opris is a wedding and lifestyle photographer by day and underwater photographer by night. He is also not one to be satisfied with the status quo, always trying to stay ahead of the curve to create art for people as he takes part in telling their stories.

photos underwater adam opris

His love for the underwater environment is one that has been nurtured from his younger years.”I grew up in South Florida with a love for everything outdoors. I’ve practically lived in the ocean my whole life.”

engagement photos adam opris

See his gloriously happy couples as they float into wedded bliss in his many pictures here.

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